an Audio Trip through Jackies Akse [PLAYLIST]


I enjoy recording audio, music & notes and what have you- for fun, motivation, inspiration, to relate to people including myself you could argue. Is that what is called Art or Something?

Anyway, this is a playlist edited from my itunes library- All Originals except in ideas ;-P oh and some previous recordings from GregsGuitar101 in the mix, and Covers of some pop chords, and self motivating/conditioning with other such selections that have inspired me to call this a concept album//radiopodshow- but also somewhat of a self reflection

(it’s funny how much ‘reflections” changes when you change the first letter to the next-in-line alpha-betacally-it beomes “selections” which is what they are, presented by this edited selection of words:-0)

So, i am happy to provide time segments giving a rough idea of the selection of tracks + times, and you can probably guage in some new modern old-skool analogue way find some-piece you want to check out


















THERES A BIT OF EDITING yet T 2O BE DONE TO DUB “RS U1 L1-3-5-8” into the mix-

– and the show stops at stayostayo intelligent ni... as you can see it’s a longie!

*MP3S ONLY AVAILABLE IN HARD-DRIVE FORMAT, podcast coming soon- anything else is a copy 😛


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