Modelling on The Word of God


the word of god is unchanged for 2000 years,

yet my investigation can only question subjects on the last 50 or so- the information attained may only be applicable in such ways as they are now; after neraly two millenia have passed- early days success and application of these words may have differed-

however in line with theories such as Gustav LeBon’s the crowd, the words still carry the same power to manipulate the imaginations of the masses when they are formed (or when they are in what may be described as a one-way comunicatino mode*)

*mass creates a new type of communication stream, lying outside of those clearly depicted by grunig + hunt – that is, the priest communicates in a largely one-way manner, but the flock have pre-determined responses that they shall give to the priest as part of the crowd. in a sense this can be described as two-way or multi-dimensional-one-way communicaiton, where the same ultimate message/goals/concerns/objectives are communicated and re-iterated from several sources to the target public. It is important to note here, that it is the public itself which is repeating the message to itself – enhancing the effect/feeling of being part of the mass/crowd.

**communication of this nature has the appearance of two-way assymetrical communication but really there is only one instance where NEW ideas are exchanged/communicated.

>>> where does this leave the reader/PR Practitioner today?
maybe it is desirable to give subjects the feeling / illusion of taking part/having a say in the mass = Question researchable through Grounded  THEORY?

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