Preparatory Thinking Exercise: Free Writing


This exercise is useful to loosen up your mind and reveal some surprising thoughts and insights when you are at the initial stages of exploring a topic. Usually you can set a timer for about 8 minutes where you MUST write constantly any thought that comes to mind. The pen / keyboard must be creating content for the entire duration. I forgot to start my countdown timer so i think about 15 minutes had passed before i realized and wrapped it up!

Here is my initial free-writing session in its entirety, in the preparation stages for a grounded theory investigation regarding the influential power behind the word of god. AMEN.

Free Writing #1 interview thoughts
Why do you believe in the words of god, what do they mean to you. What makes you feel compelled to return to church week after week. What does it make you feel. Where else can you get this feeling. Is there anywhere else you can imagine you would get a feeling like this. What tnext . I don’t want to offend you I don’t want to question your intelligence, we all have to believe something right. Do you think if you were in a different country and then introduced to the word of god in later life you woul convert? From what age have you being subjected to ther word of god? Have you ever pondered it critically. Do you think the words uttered in church have the same effect in the minds of all the sheep? Do you think the words create the same images, and feelings for all those who believe? What make s the impact of the word of god, special for you ? Do you think what the priest believes and what you ;believea are the same thing? What else, are there ever any moments of doubt that you may have? Are there elements of the bible or elements of church that you question from time to time… are there elements of the church that you would change. What about the gospels are there elements of lies do you feel. How do you feel about phrases such as ‘Gospel Truth’ ‘Amen’ and The Mystery of Faith??? DO you think that the meanings of the words of god are the same to you today, as they were to our ancestors when the words were first written. Do you see these words as being holy, which words, which words do you consider blasphemy, do you swsear, do you blaspheme, do you pray? In church, at home at town, at work, what do you pray for.? Do you believe praying makes a difference outside of yourself, or is it in your mind and only for your soull. What is your philosophical outlook- objectivist, subjective, post-modern. Is there an afterlife, is there more truth than what we know today. Do the words of god reflect what is going to happen after we die. Do you believe in death? Do you believe in life? What do you do FOR the church? What does the church do for you? What are we doing here, why do all these people gather to hear these words. Is it comforting. Are my questions making you feel uncomfortable. What about those who diss the church. What about those who choose other faiths. Why is this faith special for you? Do you ever remember a point when you realised, yes I want to believel this is true, I am going to put my faith in this. Do you have times when you think what do these words really mean coming form this man who calls himself a priest. How do you feel after confession? Communion? Blessing? What do you feel is the most important message of God? What is the most important practise of the church. What is the most influential meassage you have ever heard, seen, come to know from the church? How many years have you been repeating these same messages in your mind? Do your feelings towards these messages ever change. Do you believe in anything outside of the word of god? How do you feel about semiotic theories that say words and signs are bullshit. How can we still happily align our faith in one belief then? Are you a happy believer? Could you ever be tempted away from the church? What is it about the word of god that rings so true in your heart? I have been thinking about this for so long, and it really amazes me that people continue to go despite the abuses in the church, and the paradoxies in their words… yet there must be something in the content delivered that makes people dis-associate the actions of the church with the teachings that take place in mass? Is it because we are programmed as children into this ideology? Religion class, morality, sentimentality, tradition, family pressures, peer pressures, societal pressures and structures, priensts status. What respect do you give to the status of priest, bishop, pope, paedophile???? Are they all sinners and saints ? Simultaneously and or respectively? Do you live true to the word of god? How often do you neeed to be re-affirmend? Do you recall any experiences where you were separated fomr the content for some time, long time, how did this affect your state of mind, life and actions??? Do you plan to take any breaks from the word of god? How important is the crowd at mass? Can you achieve the same peace of mind, state of mind, from reading the books at home, bible…. Can you get the same effect from watching mass on televeision. Praying at home. Praying in groups/ solo. Is there comfort in the crowd? Do you consciously pay attention to the content in church? Is there any tension between the critical area of your mind, and the part that chooses faith. Is there any struggle for you? How do you overcome this struggle? What thought processes happen for you when you are struggling with your faith? What can bring about your return to faith? What thought processes occur when your faith is returning, how can you know when your faith is strong or weak…


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