the word of god is unchanged for 2000 years,

yet my investigation can only question subjects on the last 50 or so- the information attained may only be applicable in such ways as they are now; after neraly two millenia have passed- early days success and application of these words may have differed-

however in line with theories such as Gustav LeBon’s the crowd, the words still carry the same power to manipulate the imaginations of the masses when they are formed (or when they are in what may be described as a one-way comunicatino mode*)

*mass creates a new type of communication stream, lying outside of those clearly depicted by grunig + hunt – that is, the priest communicates in a largely one-way manner, but the flock have pre-determined responses that they shall give to the priest as part of the crowd. in a sense this can be described as two-way or multi-dimensional-one-way communicaiton, where the same ultimate message/goals/concerns/objectives are communicated and re-iterated from several sources to the target public. It is important to note here, that it is the public itself which is repeating the message to itself – enhancing the effect/feeling of being part of the mass/crowd.

**communication of this nature has the appearance of two-way assymetrical communication but really there is only one instance where NEW ideas are exchanged/communicated.

>>> where does this leave the reader/PR Practitioner today?
maybe it is desirable to give subjects the feeling / illusion of taking part/having a say in the mass = Question researchable through Grounded  THEORY?


#Deriving: QUEST (search for something) ION (atom with net electric charge due to the loss or gain of electrons) … any #quest-ions?

Here’s a taster from the Audio Trip Through Jackies Akse podcast- i supoose you could also get to the soundcloud branch from this link if you want to sample the other tasters too;

Let me know if there’s any others on the playlist that you want to hear. I plan to upload the full podcast when editing is complete.

funny thing that “ULTIMATE” it’s a bit like ULTIMaTum – you know big decision… isn’t that ULTIMATELY what #power is rooted in.  DECISIONS!??

Hence you are ULTIMate- when you make big important decisions, whatever they are, even if they are only important to you…

Then you are Friggin’ Powerfull Mate!






I enjoy recording audio, music & notes and what have you- for fun, motivation, inspiration, to relate to people including myself you could argue. Is that what is called Art or Something?

Anyway, this is a playlist edited from my itunes library- All Originals except in ideas ;-P oh and some previous recordings from GregsGuitar101 in the mix, and Covers of some pop chords, and self motivating/conditioning with other such selections that have inspired me to call this a concept album//radiopodshow- but also somewhat of a self reflection

(it’s funny how much ‘reflections” changes when you change the first letter to the next-in-line alpha-betacally-it beomes “selections” which is what they are, presented by this edited selection of words:-0)

So, i am happy to provide time segments giving a rough idea of the selection of tracks + times, and you can probably guage in some new modern old-skool analogue way find some-piece you want to check out


















THERES A BIT OF EDITING yet T 2O BE DONE TO DUB “RS U1 L1-3-5-8” into the mix-

– and the show stops at stayostayo intelligent ni... as you can see it’s a longie!

*MP3S ONLY AVAILABLE IN HARD-DRIVE FORMAT, podcast coming soon- anything else is a copy 😛


Question in terms of all the above! RE: positivity, duality of thinking/believing, >>>overlook contentual perspective- allow my perspective as being intrinsic to the gathered data, of course.

find patterns, [qualitative] of what people are inclined towards positive negative phrasing of realities/sentences. – HOW THEN in turn do these people respond/speak about the Word Of God// look for elements of choice and decision making and find belief roots. causes, doors and keys. Aim to tick all the boxes on the chart> and more where possible/necessary/reveal themselves to you.



**subject to change and welcoming perspectives


HOW Peoples DECISIONS about Beliefs are influenced/created . .?

does it interrupt your creative flow

or does it enhance your overall understanding of the work- by intervening breaks you come to frequent critical junctures and time for reflection, regardless of if the documentation enhances the project and even makes it into the final Shoot4.jpg

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From the Outset with a certain inspiration to do some thing creative, possibly a visual map type of thing… i decide to go for photoshop as my most accessible digital sketchbook to hand, taking a screed grab from the surrounds of the first window i came to, i saw a grid structure in place and some iconography i immediately saw potential in, to serve as the foundations for my narrative journey. I only wish i could have documented more with screed grabs of various stages, but sure, needless to say it would be working differently now…

and when a game is working, what does it mean?🙂