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This exercise is useful to loosen up your mind and reveal some surprising thoughts and insights when you are at the initial stages of exploring a topic. Usually you can set a timer for about 8 minutes where you MUST write constantly any thought that comes to mind. The pen / keyboard must be creating […]

the word of god is unchanged for 2000 years, yet my investigation can only question subjects on the last 50 or so- the information attained may only be applicable in such ways as they are now; after neraly two millenia have passed- early days success and application of these words may have differed- however in […]

Only as fit as you are

Here, as promised is a link to some of the music on the playlist available below. Its a bit of a dose i can not stream the podcas the way i want to from wordpress, it just seems to be too much hassle for me to go downloading and installing plugins. So here you go, streaming from the Jackies-Akse-2 page on soundcloud.


Let me know if there’s any others on the playlist that you want to hear.

I enjoy recording audio, music & notes and what have you- for fun, motivation, inspiration, to relate to people including myself you could argue. Is that what is called Art or Something? Anyway, this is a playlist edited from my itunes library- All Originals except in ideas ;-P oh and some previous recordings from GregsGuitar101 […]