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the word of god is unchanged for 2000 years, yet my investigation can only question subjects on the last 50 or so- the information attained may only be applicable in such ways as they are now; after neraly two millenia have passed- early days success and application of these words may have differed- however in […]

funny thing that “ULTIMATE” it’s a bit like ULTIMaTum – you know big decision… isn’t that ULTIMATELY what #power is rooted in.  DECISIONS!?? Hence you are ULTIMate- when you make big important decisions, whatever they are, even if they are only important to you… Then you are Friggin’ Powerfull Mate!         #philosophicalinguisticology

Summarizing my notes has helped me to know better where I am on my thesis journey. Although it is at an early stage I have already identified my main area of interest: Successful Communication Techniques and Language Manipulation within the sphere of Public Relations. Also, taking a fresh look at some earlier thoughts I have […]