Public Relations & Power*


It seems there is more to this idea of power being rooted in the ability to make decisions… It aslo, according to public relations theroy, is rooted in the power to influence others via what can typically be termed Rhetoric or ‘Resource Influence’ of a relationship. The main idea here based on the ‘Social Construction of Reality’.

Some reference material from the source which enlightens to these ideas:

– Mead, 1934, Mind, Self Society

– Ch 13 of the Sage Handbook of Public Relations

A similar file by R.L. Heath which has quotes like this

“Defined in terms of the acquisition and use of power resources, power is the product of three variables: resources, the degree to which they are mobilized, and the efficiency of that mobilization (Blalock, 1989).”

can be found >HERE<

I suppose that in response to my earlier ideas about #ultimate power, the choice i spoke of, refers to a choice based on Heath’s three variables described above…


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