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I feel that re-reading Judith Bell’s “Doing Your Research Project” can be of real benefit when engaging with a research project. I have been engaged with my own project on varying levels over the last eight months, and a recurring issue has been the methodology for attaining the information that I want to gain. Reading […]

Summarizing my notes has helped me to know better where I am on my thesis journey. Although it is at an early stage I have already identified my main area of interest: Successful Communication Techniques and Language Manipulation within the sphere of Public Relations. Also, taking a fresh look at some earlier thoughts I have […]

This blog is a result of a theory partially suggested by Scott Belsky, writer of Making Ideas Happen. Scott has noted through his studies, that community is a vital pillar in the realization of ideas. Ideally this blog should serve as a commitment for the channeling of my creativity, and also as a platform to […]